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Eiffage Rail works in France and abroad, in partnership with customers on a daily basis, to design, build and manage safe and efficient rail infrastructure, create sustainable links between regions and facilitate the mobility of people and goods. On the strength of extensive know-how, experience in the sector and compact and responsive project-orientated organization, Eiffage Rail has established itself as a key partner of quality for public and private rail transport and industrial operators.

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Eiffage Rail, looking ahead to the future

Eiffage Rail, comprehensive rail expertise

Eiffage Rail is active in all fields of rail engineering, including rail track and switch equipment maintenance and renewal, major urban project development (trams and underground trains), designing and building overhead electrical power lines and constructing High Speed Links (HSL) traditional railway lines and sidings.

As a major player in the rail sector, Eiffage Rail counts on an agile organization involving close customer relationships, expert teams and efficient material resources to meet the most complex needs and provide our clients with integrated, customized solutions for the whole rail project chain. Driven by challenge and the pursuit of excellence, we can be found at the centre of all current major infrastructure projects, especially those linked to the development of the Grand Paris metropolis: Eole, CDG Express and Grand Paris Express.

Track Ballast Renovation

Rail track maintenance and renewal

Eiffage Rail reinforced its position as leader in the Track Ballast Renovation programmes by acquiring Meccoli in 2019.

As maintaining traffic flow on our customers’ networks without interruption to service is our priority, we have considerable material resources at our disposal, including several high-performance mechanized trains (high output track replacement units) capable of renewing up to 1 km of track in 5 hours.

Whether the works are non-sequential or high-output, our teams operate fast and accurately, demonstrating their ability to work to tight deadlines with professionalism and technical skill, while guaranteeing the safe conditions which are essential to successful worksite projects.

Maintenance workshop

An optimal maintenance workshop for rolling stock upkeep

Eiffage Rail’s maintenance workshop at Auvers-le-Hamon inaugurated in July 2019 enables rolling stock upkeep and regulatory technical monitoring. These are major issues in our Rail activities, ensuring that teams in the field have quality materials to work with, in optimum operating conditions.

The workshop guarantees quality and performance, possessing notably an under-floor wheel lathe - a latest-generation tool for reprofiling rolling-stock axles in record time – and is certified ECM (Entity in Charge of Maintenance) under the European regulation.

Eiffage Rail - maintenance workshop
Electrical power lines

Acknowledged quality work on overhead electrical power lines

Eiffage Rail boasts all the necessary expertise to carry out overhead power line studies and engineering works, for both upgrading and renewal, at 25 KV or 1,500 V.

Our priorities are to guarantee a high standard of performance for your infrastructure, and comfort for travellers. Eiffage Rail’s overhead power specialists are trained in electrical hazards and authorized to work at heights. They can secure and upgrade your lines during the day, or at night.

Catenary Line
Rail connected terminal

Sidings : customized freight solutions

Eiffage Rail assists and advises both public and private customers in track laying and siding upkeep and replacement.

Our teams are attentive and responsive to customer needs, designing and installing appropriate infrastructure in order to optimize their processes in all sectors, from industry (agribusiness, automotive) to logistics.

Eiffage Rail

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Because we are driven by the pursuit of excellence, because rail is our passion and we enjoy meeting any challenge, we can bring together our different skills and talents to respond to the most complex engineering demands and are able to mobilize our human and material resources fast. #HumanPerspective